burner.kiwi - FAQ

What is burner.kiwi?

burner.kiwi is a temporary mail service. It gives you an email inbox and will allow you to receive email at the address for 24 hours.

What is wrong with all the other temporary mail services?

They tend to be slow, have terrible UI, have lots of ads and trackers, and transfer 10x the amount of data that burner.kiwi does.

What is burner.kiwi built with?

burner.kiwi is built in pure Go. It doesn't use any JavaScript and uses the minimal CSS framework Milligram.

What kind of server is burner.kiwi running on?

burner.kiwi is currently deployed on Lightsail in the us-west-2 region.

Who is Roger?

Roger is the mascot of burner.kiwi. He is a pyromaniac kiwi bird.

How long do my email messages live in your database?

Emails live only as long as your inbox does, plus a bit more. All email messages have an expiry set to the same time as your inbox. After they expire, they are marked for deletion and are typically deleted within 48 hours.

Do you read my messages or otherwise harvest the content?



Yep. I don't look at your messages.

How do you make money off this then?

I don't. If by some miracle this takes off and server bills get out of hand, I may look for donations or sponsors. I promise I will never put terrible user-hostile ads on though.

I still don't trust you. Can I run my own burner.kiwi?

Absolutely. Go check out the instructions on the Github page for how to host your own.

I've found a bug or have an issue. Who do I tell?

Create an issue on the Github page here: Github. Outline the issue you're having and I'll try and help.

I think you should implement feature X, Y & Z. Who do I tell?

Create an issue on the Github page here: Github. Outline the feature and I'll see what I can do.

Do you have an API?

Yes, I sure do. Check it out here: API docs.

Who are you?

My name is Hayden Woodhead and I'm from New Zealand. I like building things. Check out my Github. My personal website isn't ready yet.

Are these question really frequently asked?

No. I just like this format. :)